Are You Losing Money Down
the Paperwork Drain?

 Switch to our automated document management system.
The cloud-based solution for medical practices & hospitals.
Increased efficiency, accuracy, & security.

With 98% accuracy, voice recognition software continues learns speech patterns. Computer-assisted medical coding tool transcribes into the appropriate code. In-house or outsourced depending on what's right for your health care setting.

Increase system-wide productivity and decrease waste. Never lose, misplace, or have another document stolen. 

Create the workflows that expedite your unique setting. Whether it's batch printing, setting up autoresponder sequences, or customizing patient intake, create the workflows that expedite your unique setting with One Voice Data's document management platform.
Increase Patient Satisfaction
Spend time where it really counts ... with patients.
Not patient administration.
Decrease Waste
Customizable forms & automated workflows mean no more big batch printing. Save money on unused forms & storage space.
HIPAA Compliant Security
Printers, scanners, & copiers are considered HIPAA workspaces & must be maintained and secured as such. Avoid troublesome entrypoints to your system by going digital!
Streamline Existing Process
Make  your existing electronic health record (EHR) work for you. Our software integrates seamlessly with your system & third party integrations, meaning no more gaps between systems.
OneVoice's Document Management Solution
Increase efficiency, accuracy, & security.
Print less. Save more.
Custom form builder
Create an audit trail
Increased security
Information accessibility at any location
Increased patient satisfaction
We believe in quality and customer service.
Our motto? Making medical practices profitable
by integrating voice-recognition technology
so you can take back your life.
We believe so strongly that One Voice will benefit
you both financially and personally
that we don't even ask for contracts. 
Alice Kugler
Fayetteville Family Medical Center
"There's no more backlog of charts, and same-day turnaround is the norm. Our transcription costs have almost been cut in half."
Carl Fuhrman
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
"(OneVoice) has had tremendous impact on our department ... with the ever increasing accuracy and how quickly we are able to turn around reports, I cannot imagine doing it any other way."
Julius Torelli
Integrative Cardiology Center
"OneVoice proposed a complete turn-key solution along with voice recognition & workflow platform that is very user-friendly. Within two weeks, OneVoice had us on track with increased accuracy & no more transcription backlog. As a result, our costs have decreased substantially."
Barton Branstetter
Univeristy of Pittsburgh Medical Center
.".. The results from OneVoice are increasingly accurate without any explicit training exercises."
You Deserve the Very Best
Not 100% satisfied? No problem!
We create a customized plan for each health care practice or hospital. However, we know situations change, and you may need a different solution. Let us know what you were thinking, and we'll work with you to decrease costs, increase accuracy and efficiency, and make your life as easy as possible.
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"The accuracy is unmatchable (by) any other transcription service I have used."
Seth Delany  
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital