OneVoice prides itself on being a 100% USA-based business. We are proud to work with our government partners. An overview of our capabilities is below as well as other information pertinent for our governmental partners. There is much more detail about our products and services throughout the site. We encourage you to vist and take action. you’ll be glad you did.


Company Information

CAGE Code: 7M7E3

DUNS: 080237814


Point of Contact: Roy Gilbert

Phone: (910) 250-1813


Address:  35 Shaw Rd SW, Pinehurst, NC 28374


Work Area: Nationwide

Socio-Economic Status: Small Business Enterprise


Core Competencies

Computer Assisted Coding

OneVoice uses state of the art technology, developed here in the USA The application is named CAT (Coding Automation Tool) and provides a coding platform second to none. Not only does CAT code ICD-10 and CPT, but we also code DRG, SNOMED, and more importantly for some, PQRS. Until 2018 PQRS will be in place and the negative impacts to eligible providers could be substantial. We can either reduce or eliminate the negative impact to revenue.

ICD9 vs. ICD10

 Transition into ICD-10 presents a serious challenge to medical organizations. The number of codes grew from about 13,000 in ICD-9 to over 68,000 in ICD-10, the terminology has been modernized, and there has been a significant increase in the specificity of the reporting, with no clear mapping between ICD-9 and ICD-10. Evaluation & Management Codes

Evaluation & Management Codes

 CAT automatically generates E&M code based on CMS standards. The level of service is also determined instantly, outlining all instances of under-coding and up-coding. Estimated revenue generation is produced based on geographical location, facility and setting type (office, hospital, emergency room, nursing home). In an auditing capacity, CAT can retrospectively look at the differences in coding and revenue specific to your specifications.

CAT solves the complex issue of transitioning from ICD-9 into ICD-10 by providing BOTH codes for every diagnosis found within the medical document. In addition, it provides the description of each code according to ICD standards, and it is also capable of generating a list of alternatives. and presented back in a separate spreadsheet file. Finally, CDA files compatible for importing directly into an EMR can be generated.

CAT is a standalone application that can be used in an auditing environment as well as a production environment.


Sphere One Turn-Key Solution

For the busiest medical professionals, this complete solution is quick and easy. After a short installation of our web-based software, you simply upload your digital dictation to a computer and OneVoice will take care of the rest. Once the audio file is electronically transcribed, our professional team of transcriptionists reviews the entire document for accuracy. The completed report is quickly returned to you—as an editable and shareable file. Our services are entirely United States based, which means more accurate transcription editing, as well as faster turnaround. As human resources costs decrease, you can easily increase your cost efficiency.

Sphere Two In-House Solution

For those who already have a staff of capable medical transcriptionists, this solution increases speed, knowledge, and productivity, while reducing labor costs.

OneVoice technology was designed by medical transcriptionists, so keyboard commands are familiar and user-friendly. Our online orientation thoroughly covers details and teaches your transcriptionists how to become efficient clinical document editors (Medical Language Specialists) with minimal interruption to their day.

Dictations are electronically transcribed and formatted based on your customized setup, so your transcriptionists focus on the important task of making edits and verifying accuracy without the worry of formatting each report. We know time is valuable, especially in the fast-paced world of health care.

Our Sphere Two option increases the number of charts that can be processed in a day through more efficient productivity and turnaround time, while improving employee morale.

OneVoice’s plan gives your transcriptionists the opportunity to expand their skills—to perform critical tasks that would otherwise require additional employees. There’s no complicated staffing change, and yet, the per-line cost of transcription is dramatically cut. The efficiency level is simply that much higher.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][vc_column_text]


Computer Assisted Coding


  • Increased Accuracy
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction in cost per patient
  • Increased revenue
  • Defensible audit trail for every code
  • All document formats accepted (CDA, PDF, DOCX, RTF, etc.)
  • All code sets included (ICD, CPT, DRG, CDT, SNOMED, etc.)
  • Client or Cloud based
  • Pay as you go model
  • No up-front cost (hardware, software, training, support, etc.)




  • Seamless intergation into you existing office workflow
  • Dictate anywhere and any time
  • No programming
  • Choice of remote or internal editing
  • More face to face time with patients
  • Electronic signature and multiple location auto faxing
  • Pay as you go model
  • No up-front cost (hardware, software, training, support, etc.)

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NAICS and PSC codes










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