An end-to-end solution, One Voice Data incorporates multiple technology services to provide its suite of management solutions.

Does One Voice meet HIPAA standards?

Tested time and again, our systems meet all standards set forth by HIPAA, an important consideration when choosing a software provider or allowing any company access to your records or data. Even more so in the wake of the Petya Malware crisis, enhanced security features are critical to a software system’s ability to protect patient data.

How does voice recognition software work?

One Voice uses a high accuracy front-end speech recognition system. That means our software directly captures physician dictation and transcribes it. Based on conversational modeling, our software discerns not only which words you’re articulating, but the intent behind the words – a major difference from less accurate models.

Is voice recognition accurate?

With a greater than 98% accuracy immediately after installation, our system continues to learn your voice for ever-increasing returns. The more you use it, the more efficiently it captures the entire patient narrative.

How hard is the setup process?

Our software is easily downloaded online and installs quickly. If you have any trouble, our office staff is available to walk you through the process or answer any questions you might have.

How hard is it to use? Do I have to learn to speak a certain way?

No. It couldn’t be easier. You speak in your normal voice, accents and all. Our system is based on the collective voice profiles of over 200,000 users. It will recognize your word choices and intent at your normal rate of speech.

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Do I need any extra equipment?

Dictation capture is achieved via a handheld recorder, cell phone recording, smart phone app, or calling into our toll-free line. But don’t worry. We’ll make sure all of that is in place.

Will your voice recognition software work with my existing EMR/EHR?

Yes. We made sure of that. All of your voice data is translated into XML data and interfaced via HL7. This process also allows for easy searchability and a seamless workflow with all existing EHRs and major platforms.

How are documents edited and reviewed?

Depending on the scope of your practice and the resources of your in-house staff, documents can be kept in-house for editing or outsourced to our team of professional medical transcriptionists. Physicians can edit using the front-end dictation capture method and software or sign off on the finished product when returned for review. Documents are readily searchable in our cloud-based system or kept on a remote server.

Can coding be incorporated into the workflow?

Yes! Using our Coding Automation Tool(CAT), text can be pulled from any document type and translated into the correct code for billing purposes.

What about other manual tasks like making copies, faxing, and creating forms?

Our document management system is highly customizable to meet the needs of your practice or hospital setting. Create your own workflows to automate tasks that drain your time. The only limit is your creativity. Our software is easy to install and even easier to use.

Are you hiring medical transcriptionists?

Yes. We’re always looking for qualified medical transcriptionists, editors, and supervisors. If you’d like to work with One Voice, visit our Careers section and submit your information. A member of our staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Who are our strategic partners?

OneVoice is proud to partner with MModal, an award-winning industry leader in voice recognition and fluency in transcription.

I want to know more about setting up One Voice’s systems at my practice. What do I do next?

Schedule a free consultation. Or use the automated calendar at the bottom of this page to pick a time you’re free. Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to speak with you.

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