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Medical Coding, Transcription, & Document Management Solutions

Decrease cost and wasted time. Increase accuracy and profit.

Are you frustrated by needless hours spent self-editing? Tired of hard to use EHR systems that are outdated or don't work? Do you spend too much time on uncompensated tasks?

Our speech recognition technology and suite of solutions can help.

Enable your EHRs with dictation software that actually works. With over 99% accuracy right out of the box, free yourself from after-hours self-editing and live the life you've always wanted. Or invest that extra time back into patient care.

Tired of keeping up with ever-changing government regulations? Input any document into our coding automation tool (CAT) and have it automatically coded into the appropriate format.

Our team of professional medical transcriptionists are ready and available to turnaround your patient notes in record time. Increased accuracy plus a faster TAT means a more efficient practice - and that means a larger profit margin.

If you'd prefer to keep your medical transcription in-house, we'll install our cutting-edge voice recognition and transcription software free of charge. We'll train your staff of MTs and have them transcriber faster and more accurately than ever in record time. Plus, there are no setup or training fees.

Streamline your document management system today. 100% HIPAA compliant and secure, we guarantee our system will integrate seamlessly with your existing EHR. Create easy to use templates for forms. Free up physical storage space with cloud-based storage. Use our auto-fax, scan, and print to save hours of your staff's time that could be spent on more productive tasks. It's all customizable to fit your practice's needs including data mining analytics and audit trails.



“One Voice is one of my ‘best hires’ ever.”

Danny K.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgical


“(One Voice) has had a tremendous impact on our department… I cannot imagine doing it any other way.”

Carl Fuhrman, MD

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“Our transcription costs have almost been cut in half.”

Alice Kugler, Administrator

Fayetteville Family Medical Care



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