Medical Coding Coding Automation ToolWorried about up-coding or down-coding? Not getting clean claims in on time? Exhausted by ever changing federal regulations? Outsource your medical coding needs.

Never worry again about:

  • Unbundling
  • Creating clean claims and submitting them on time
  • Passing an audit
  • Undercoding leading to a rejected or denied claim
  • Poor or missing documentation
  • Out-of-date set codes
  • Up- and down-coding

Here’s how our computer-assisted coding software plus our stand-alone coding automation tool (CAT) works for any health care setting:

CAT provides a coding platform to instantly and accurately code any medical document for ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, DRG, SNOMED, and PQRS.

Through a combination of proprietary search technologies and natural language processing, CAT extracts text (either whole or in part) from any medical document. CAT isolates elements such as drug names, procedures, diagnoses, and disorders.

All relevant elements of your document are coded then verified via our database before being presented in an easy-to-read format. No more digging through indecipherable pages of text for hours on end.

Pick the option for output text that you need:

  1. Codes added to your document are highlighted as text.
  2. All elements are separated, compiled and returned in a simple spreadsheet file.

Here’s one of our PQRS sample screens.

coding automation tool benefits 2017 PQRS sample screen

What’s more …

All generated CDA files are easily imported directly into your existing EMR.

Document coded to include PQRS:

Sample document of OneVoice's coding automation tool (CAT) with coding including PQRS

Not only for document production, CAT is also a standalone application that works in an auditing environment.

In an auditing capacity, CAT retrospectively looks at the differences in medical coding and revenue according to your practice’s specifications. Create a consistent and accurate record for peace of mind like never before.

CAT automatically generates E/M codes based on CMS standards.

The level of service is determined instantly, outlining all instances of down-coding and up-coding.

Estimated revenue generation is produced based on geographical location, facility, and setting type (e.g., office, hospital, emergency room, or nursing home).

How we wrangle E/M codes:

E/M coding screen produced by OneVoice computer-assisted medical coding automation tool software (CAT)

Transitioning from ICD-9 into ICD-10 presents a serious challenge to medical practices.

The number of codes grew from roughly 13,000 in ICD-9 to more than 68,000 in ICD-10. With modernized terminology and a significant increase in the reporting’s specificity, there’s no clear mapping between ICD-9 and ICD-10.

Here’s how CAT bridges the gap between ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding.

  1. CAT solves the complex issue of transitioning from ICD-9 into ICD-10 by providing both codes for every diagnosis within your medical document.
  2. CAT provides a description of each code according to ICD standards and has the capability to generate a list of alternatives.

We’ve even provided a sample ICD-10 screen to illustrate our point. Take a look.

ICD-10 code with OneVoice's coding automation tool for increased productivity in medical practices

Increase your medical practice’s productivity.

With CAT, your staff completes more cases in less time and with more accuracy. Plus, CAT improves the accuracy of your existing EMR system.

  • No special requirements for format or content.
  • Code concurrently to ensure accuracy before billing.
  • Dramatically lower billing and coding times.
  • Claim submissions improve through automation
  • Accelerate the revenue cycle.
  • Increased compliance with HIPAA’s Meaningful Use Requirements.
  • Our organized, structured format makes data presentation easy.
  • Import medical documents from any EMR and/or standalone files.
  • Supports most types of file formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, and TXT.

Ensure your audit capability.

All codes link directly to their source documentation. All documentation, regardless of its capture method, is taken into consideration. CAT subscribers utilize their customized dashboard of analytics to audit practice compliance. And it’s a great tool to train providers and administrators in best practices.

Decrease your medical coding costs.

With faster, more accurate coding, the cost per patient decreases. PQRS coding reduces or eliminates any negative impact on your revenue.

Every client is customized.

We work hard to make sure our coding tool and other relevant software applications work to your specifications.

Contact us today or schedule a consultation using our automated calendar app below.

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