Current Rates

Medical Transcription Rates of Pay:

All editors will work from the same base rate per line and the MTs that only do transcription will work from a slightly different base rate per line. This will be multiplied by the number of lines you produce in the pay period giving you your base pay. If you meet the minimum lines produced standard you will be eligible for the incentive.  Incentive pay is based on increased levels of production. While your base pay rate is paid on a rate per line, the incentive is paid based on average lines per hour over a week. This is fair, as those who work part-time have the same incentive as those who work full-time. All MT’s must maintain a 98% quality score on all submitted work. We have set this up so if you are producing at standard or above you should be earning the same or more than you do currently. If you do not meet the standard, you will be paid at the base rate for the lines produced. Below is the new pay table as of November 15, 2017.

There are two conditions to be eligible for the incentive. The first is the total number of lines produced in the pay period. That number is 4000 lines. Only after this minimum is achieved do we look at lines per hour. In this pay period your number of lines did not meet the minimum so you were not eligible for the incentive for the pay period.

We want to pay the incentive, and hope as you are with us longer you will be eligible by editing at least 4000 lines and achieving a lines per hour rate of at least 225 lines per hour within the pay period.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you


Base Rate = $0.045

Minimum Lines produced in a week to be eligible = 4000


Base Rate = $0.06

Minimum Lines produced in a week to be eligible = 2000

One Voice will pay each Sub-Contractor $50.00 on completion of:

  1. Computer Security Scan
  2. Work Platform Training
  3. Successfully completing practicum within 24 hours of training

All medical transcriptionists must meet the system requirements for necessary work (updated 2/1/2018).

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