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Imagine a practice with no point & click.
Accurate, fast TATs on patient notes.
HIPAA compliant & secure.
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What One Voice Data's
Medical Transcription Service

Consistent, high-quality transcription
Customizable turnaround times including STATs
Pay-per-line based on volume
Multiple dictation capture methods including phone-in. digital handhelds, and iPhone app
Full HIPAA compliance
Secure, encrypted transfer of patient data
Delivery options including HL7 interfacing with EMRs for seamless integration
No hidden fees. No training costs. No software costs.
Exceptional Customer Service
The knowledgeable, experienced staff of One Voice Data makes every customer a priority. 
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100% Based in the USA
One Voice Data is based, owned, & operated entirely within the USA. All of our medical transcriptionists and editors are Native English speakers and US residents. We don't believe in offshoring. 
Part of a Streamlined Document Management System
All of our software systems work together as a cohesive unit to increase the productivity, and ultimately, the profitability of your practice. 
Customized for Every Client
We make our software solutions work for you, Whether you're a major medical center, VA-hospital, multi-provider practice,or a single provider, One Voice Data has a solution to fit your challenges.
Medical Transcription Solutions
In-House Transcription 
For those those who already have a staff of capable medical transcriptionists,
  • Web-based software is easy to install
  • In-house MT's edit and verify accuracy
  • Software designed by MTs for MTs is user-friendly with familiar keyboard commands
  • Save 66% per line charge versus outsourcing
  • PRN coverage for in-house time off
  • Increased efficiency, shorter TATs, more charts processed per day
  • Decreased cost per line without complicated staffing changes
  • Dictations electronically transcribed with our voice-t0-text software based on your customized setup
Outsourced Transcription
For the busiest medical professionals and large healthcare settings
  • Easy dictation capture via phone-in, handheld or smartphone app then uploaded to computer. 
  • Audio file is electronically transcribed.
  • Our team of professional MTs review the entire document for accuracy
  • Completed report is quickly returned in a editable and shareable file.
  • Physicians are freed from time-wasters like point & click, manual transcription, speaking slowly into an ineffective dictation capture, and self-editing. 
  • Decreases the need for in-house MTs and decreases payroll 
  • One hour or less STAT TAT. 1 business day TAT
We believe in quality and customer service.
Our motto? Making medical practices profitable
by integrating voice-recognition technology
so you can take back your life.
We believe so strongly that One Voice will benefit
you both financially and personally
that we don't even ask for contracts. 
You Deserve the Very Best
Not 100% satisfied? No problem!
We create a customized plan for each health care practice or hospital. However, we know situations change, and you may need a different solution. Let us know what you were thinking, and we'll work with you to decrease costs, increase accuracy and efficiency, and make your life as easy as possible.
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